About Us

Our Leadership

Physician Ownership

Northwest Primary Care is a physician-owned organization dedicated to providing comprehensive, patient-centered care for the whole family. Since we are not owned by an insurance company or hospital system, we are able to make our patients our foremost priority. Our physician-owned, Patient-Centered Primary Care Home structure means that you will receive excellent medical care, as well as personal attention and support from our dedicated team of practitioners.

Hands-On Leadership

Because we are physician-owned, our owners actively participate in the management of our clinics. This hands-on approach fosters an open dialogue between our entire team and our patients, which means that your concerns will be heard, and our system can be more readily adapted ensure consistent, quality care that meets the needs of each patient. We are always working to improve our quality of service so that we can continue to meet and exceed your care expectations for many years to come.

Our Care Tradition

Northwest Primary Care was founded in 1960 as Clackamas Internal Medicine, with the objective of providing quality, patient-centered health care to the Southeast Portland community. In 1994, Clackamas Internal Medicine joined with the Milwaukie Family Practice to form the Northwest Primary Care Group as it is today. Northwest Primary Care is a business built on involvement with our patients and our community, as well as consideration and equitable treatment for our employees. We take pride in our accomplishments, strong work ethic, commitment to quality, and building of traditions. We understand the dedication it takes to create a family culture, and we value each of our patients as essential members of our community.

A New Standard in Healthcare

Northwest Primary Care Group PC is a founding member of the Portland Coordinated Care Association (PCCA). We formed the association as a network of independent medical groups in Portland that truly believe we can improve healthcare for our patients. With our pooled resources, we can:

  • lower costs
  • improve quality outcomes
  • perfect your healthcare experience

We are changing healthcare here in Portland as a trusted alliance of highly performing independent medical groups, accountable for improving the health care experience of our patients. For more information about the Portland Coordinated Care Association and a list of the medical groups who are committed to delivering the new standard in healthcare, go to www.portlandcoordinatedcare.com.