Alisha Saultz, DO

Alisha Saultz, DO


Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician | Oregon City Clinic

Alisha Saultz, DO

Approach to Patient Care

I am proud to practice Family Medicine with Obstetrics care. The bond that comes with caring for my multigenerational families is one that I truly cherish. Caring for entire families helps me to understand each individual member of the family in much greater detail. Family Medicine with OB brings a continuity of care that resonates throughout the family. Caring for multiple generations brings a full spectrum of care from birth to elderly and an understanding of the family dynamics. The relationships also set a good example for the younger members of the family who see that healthcare is a necessary and normal part of growing up. This also helps them form a relationship with their doctor that doesn't have to end when they grow into adulthood. I try to make my practice into the type of practice that I would want my family to see; to be the kind of doctor for my patients that I would want to send my children or spouse to. The stability in the doctor/patient relationship is the rock on which the treatment of the entire family is built.

Though each individual patient has his/her own needs and health issues, there are some common things we can all do to improve health and quality of life. Making wise choices includes:

  • Choosing healthy food options
  • Regular exercise and movement
  • Managing stress. A high stress environment or lifestyle is a detriment to overall well being. Find ways to reduce or relieve stress.
  • Practice mind body awareness. Mental health is important! Work to find ways to control depression and anxiety and to reduce the use of narcotics.

I encourage patients to practice preventive care and stay current on vaccinations and exams, especially when a family has a history of chronic diseases, to avoid those emergency trips to urgent care and the emergency department. As an osteopathic physician, I can also use body manipulation to help with a myriad of issues.

Personal Interests

Growing up in a small town in the Midwest, it was always my dream to become a doctor. I have always enjoyed helping people on an individual one on one basis. The impact of family members dealing with difficult medical issues while I was young helped drive home the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and just how much help the entire family needs when dealing with medical crisis and the health care system.

I come from a family of educators and, due to their influence, I enjoy teaching my patients. I try to understand each patient's unique challenges so I can tailor their individual care to best suit their needs. We engage in ongoing dialogue because medicine is a two way street with communication going both ways between doctor and patient. I find that when patients better understand their bodies and the way body systems interact, they realize that working to prevent health issues is far better than trying to deal with the major problems that can arise down the road after neglect. We will work as a team to prevent those issues.

When away from my work, I make time for my family and my hobbies. I love all art, especially painting. My art projects these days usually include my three kids and things they enjoy. My family also spends time together playing board games, exploring the great Northwest and watching movies. We spend a lot of time doing church activities and enjoy traveling to see family here and in Ohio (Go Buckeyes!). I love to read – my family are all voracious readers and love to share books with each other and discuss them. I find great joy in watching my children discover their own passions and hobbies as they grow. Like everyone in society today, my husband and I continue to work hard on work/home balance. I am very lucky to have both a family who is supportive and I adore and a job which I enjoy and allows me to try and make connections with people and truly help them have a healthier and happier life.


Granville, OH

Specialties / Areas of Interest



Medical Degree
DO, Ohio University of Osteopathic Medicine (Athens, OH)

Medical Residency
Miami Valley Hospital (Dayton, OH)

Memberships & Associations

  • American Academy Family Physicians
  • American Osteopathic Association
  • Sigma Sigma Phi National



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