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Barry Rhodes, MD
Family Medicine/Sports Medicine
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Philosophy of Care

My focus is on treating the patient and family as a unit and bringing a "whole body" approach to healthcare. Treating the person, as well as the disease, gives me a chance for me to educate my patients on the importance of preventive measures that can be undertaken. I stress the importance of nutrition and exercise to achieving and maintaining a person's total health.

My expertise in treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions in adults, adolescents, and children has given me numerous teaching opportunities for prevention of pediatric and adolescent injuries. I treat patients of all abilities, from professional to amateur, and personally enjoy staying active and attending sporting events.

Personal Interests

I received my medical degree at the University of Oklahoma and did my residency with the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa. I became a doctor because of my love of science and biology. The challenge of medicine led me in this direction, but the bonds I form with my patients hold my dedication.

Community involvement provides a great opportunity for me to connect with patients. Most Friday nights you can find me at Milwaukie High School field attending one of the many sports events. I enjoy spending time with adolescents and communicating the importance of activity. The discussions I have with them provide a safe environment for many of them to be open and honest.

My philosophy for maintaining a healthy body includes physical activity, appropriate nutrition, and a healthy outlook on life. I like to build a strong base with my patients and partner with them to keep them healthy. While I see patients of all ages from pediatrics to geriatrics, I especially like the influence I have on young people.

My advice to all my patients:
1. Never stop moving

2. Remember that health is as important as work

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff

I take this approach to life too!

I’ve been active all my life and I find that sports medicine awards me the opportunity to counsel my patients on what the best way is to achieve goals of health and healthy living and to specialize in the joint care of musculoskeletal medicine for all ages.

My passion for exercise activities currently includes running, biking, golfing, and basketball. My wife and I enjoy playing kickball as well. We also enjoy spending time with our daughters Abby and Prudence.

My family and I enjoy travelling and experiencing other cultures. I feel a great appreciation for what others can offer us in candid interactions. In those rare spare moments, I enjoy brewing beer.

I feel that being your doctor is a partnership. My job is to give you honest advice that will help you to make the best-informed decisions based on your healthcare needs. I prefer to give you choices and will not tell you that you have to do something. Our goal in this partnership is to develop a great relationship that you look forward to and trust as you do your friends.

You can find this practitioner at the following clinics:

Milwaukie Clinic
Medical Degree
University of Oklahoma. Board Certified Family Physician; American Academy of Family Physicians Fellow.
Medical Residency
University of Oklahoma, Tulsa
Professional Organizations
American Academy of Family Physicians, American Medical Society for Sports Medicine
Alisha Saultz, DO