December 20, 2021: 
Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer

David R Maslen, MD


Board-Certified Internal Medicine Physician | Milwaukie Clinic

December 20, 2021: 
Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer

Approach to Patient Care

My interest in medicine started after a very young age when a family member passed away. It seemed like such a mysterious event, but it fueled my curiosity to understand the body to prevent this from happening again. I remember feeling very vulnerable. My parents were amazing role models and encouraged us to read and explore. My mother wrote the ‘Bob Book’ series that were used in many of the local classrooms. Our neighbor Dr. Henry Garrison, a cardiologist, was also a very influential friend and medical role model growing up in our Portland neighborhood. My strong desire to feel safe fired my passion for learning about the body. My feeling at the time was that if I understood the body’s mechanisms, it would increase my chance of staying healthy and prevent falling victim to illnesses.

My continued fascination with the body paved the way to medical school in Germany and a very different way of life. The complexity of Physiology was like a riddle and the more complex the riddle; the more my interest was piqued. For that reason, I was drawn to the physiology of Internal Medicine, and especially the cardiovascular system, to make these two areas my focus.

I believe many chronic illnesses can be prevented through a healthy diet, regular exercise, and keeping the imagination alive to maintain a healthy approach to life! I also prescribe doing a fun activity every day, encourage an outdoor activity like walking once a day, and suggest eliminating or drinking only moderate amounts of alcohol. I care deeply about my patients and enjoy participating in their healthcare solutions!

Personal Interests

When I am not at the clinic seeing my patients, I am igniting the curiosity in children through subjects that intrigue them. Watching their enthusiasm inflames my own curiosity. I enjoy volunteering at Catlin Gable School because it gives me a sense of satisfaction. When time permits, I can be found reading the latest book or out and about enjoying time with my wife and boys. One of my favorite past times is biking so watch for me on my daily commute to work!


Portland, OR

Specialties / Areas of Interest

Preventative Care


Medical Degree
MD, University of Hamburg Medical School (Hamburg, Germany)



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