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Michelle Alberts, MD
Family Medicine
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Health issues can be an endless problem-solving stream. As I watched my parents struggle with the countless health issues that my grandparents developed as they aged, I wondered if there were ways to take better care of your health to improve aging outcomes. As a physician, I now know that preventive measures can be taken that can often diminish or eliminate the effects of certain chronic illnesses.
  • Regular exercise
  • Eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetable
  • Pay attention to regular screenings to prevent serious chronic illnesses
  • Awareness is critical in the effort to stop Type 2 diabetes so I regularly screen my new patients for prediabetes. I recommend lifestyle changes that will help to lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. As too with hypertension… Hypertension or high blood pressure is the leading cause of heart disease and strokes.

    My favorite part of that first visit is getting to know you, your challenges, and discussing ways that I can help you achieve your healthcare goals. Listening to your concerns helps me to understand you as a complete person. As we discuss solutions, I know that you are investing in your own health. If you do nothing else, please be proactive in taking care of this precious gift. Your continuity of care takes precedence.

    While the internet truly is a great source of information for many of us, there are pros and cons to medical advice you find on the internet and varying degrees of expertise. Unfortunately, the knowledge base of those sources is not always clearly defined, so I advise my patients to bring their internet self-diagnosis with them to discuss their findings. I take the time to explain how the information they found relates to their individual healthcare. Teaching health topics is an important part of what I do. Validating health information with me as your physician is important.

    Personal Interests
    When I have free hours, I spend time with my family. I run, swim, and bike (love the trolley trail) to stay in shape. As a family, we make our annual trip to Italy and enjoy side trips visiting new places like Croatia, Budapest, and Vienna. Since Portland is rich with farmer’s markets where you can purchase fresh produce from local farmers, we like shopping for the freshest ingredients for meals when we are not frantically traveling between our two teenagers’ events. When time permits, you can find me wandering through resale stores to find treasurers and as soon as time permits, I want to learn to speak Italian and to play the guitar.

    You can find this practitioner at the following clinics:

    Oregon City Clinic
    Medical Degree
    Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon (1994).
    Medical Residency
    Saint Anthony Family Practice Residency Program, Denver, CO (1997).
    Professional Organizations
    American Academy of Family Physicians, Oregon Medical Association, American Diabetes Association.