Tuan Ngo, AuD

Tuan Ngo, Au.D


Licensed Audiologist | Milwaukie Clinic

Tuan Ngo, AuD

Approach to Patient Care

Hearing is such a vital channel to keeping people connected to the world around them. Audiology began when I met and became friends with someone who is deaf. I had the opportunity to attend and experience what it was like to be fit with a hearing device and the profound difference it could make in someones life. I remember at a very young age seeing and thinking how magical it was that someone could go from hearing nothing at all to hearing music, laughter and conversation. I knew at that moment that I wanted to make it a lifelong goal to help as many people as I could hear the world around them.

Every patient I get the chance to help is an exploration of the sounds and voices that they want to hear the most. The most critical component to better hearing is understanding what areas each patient wants to achieve improvement, whether it be their loved ones, in a noisy situation, or social outings with friends. I make it a personal mission to improve the quality of hearing for every patient I see and start the journey of rebuilding the bridge between the patient and their world. The journey and process to better hearing is a lifelong relationship. As we advance in life hearing can change so it’s vital to maintain the best hearing care possible at every step. I place a high priority on sustaining an excellent standard of care with every patient to ensure that they are hearing the absolute best they possibly can from the first visit to every visit thereafter.

I have taken focus on treating adolescents, adults, and geriatrics with hearing difficulties. As someone who experiences constant tinnitus (the perception of a sound), I also have a strong concentration on diagnosing and treating patients who live with the ringing, roaring, or buzzing that they experience.

Personal Interests

On my free time I often find myself renovating and putting lots of elbow grease into my 1966 split-level home. I also enjoy spending time exploring the wonderful state of Oregon from the beautiful coastline to the painted hills all the way down to Crater Lake.


Laguna Hills, CA


AuD, Nova Southeastern University (Fort Lauderdale, FL)



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