Am I addicted to my phone? [Video]

When was the last time you went a couple of hours without using your phone? If you’re the average American, you pick up your phone around 80 times a day. For millennials, that number is even higher—up to 150 times per day. Some feel the need to stay engaged, due to a “fear of missing out” (FOMO).  Others feel it’s a way to be happy or productive.

As we become increasingly digitally engaged, the impact it has on our lives continues to be researched, resulting in new findings.

Things like “phubbing,” also known as ignoring your significant other, friends, or kids, in favor of your cell phone, is just one way our lives are impacted. For example, have you caught yourself having to ask someone to repeat themselves because you’re distracted by your device? This kind of obsession with our cell phones is not unusual and is a hard habit to kick.

So… are you addicted to your phone?

Curious just how much it’s impacting your life? Learn more about the behavioral trends many Americans are exhibiting due to their relationships with cell phones in our short video.

If you want to start weaning yourself off your phone, spend more time focused on in-person interactions, or simply get more things done, you can try gentle reminder apps like Moment or Space. These apps ask you what you’re doing or let you know when you’re compulsively picking up your phone. Getting out of the cycle of constant digital intake can help you relax and stay focused throughout your day.

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