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Book Online

Healthcare On Your Schedule

Our mission is to provide the best care for every patient, every day, at every stage of life—and now, we’ve made it even easier to get the care you need with online appointment scheduling. You can login anytime, anywhere with your My Health Record portal and book an appointment in less than a minute. It’s just another way we’re helping make your healthcare a little simpler.

Note: Not every appointment type can be booked through My Health Portal. Please refer to the FAQ for more details on what kinds of appointments are ineligible for online booking. If you have any questions, please call us at (503) 659-4988.

Book your appointment online with the steps below:

1: Log in to your Northwest Primary Care My Health Portal Account. (If you have not yet registered, one of our staff members can take care of it for you at your next visit).

When you login, click the blue calendar icon that says “My Appointments.” You will see this screen.

2. In the “Reason for Visit” field, use the drop down menu to select the reason for your visit.

Please note: Not all appointments can be booked online. If you cannot find the reason for your visit in the dropdown menu, you will have to call our Scheduling Team to make your appointment. Similarly, if you locate the reason for your appointment and find a note next to it with specific directions to call our scheduling team, you cannot schedule your appointment online.

3. In the “Provider” field, use the drop down menu to select your NWPC provider.

4. In the “Location” field, use the drop down menu to select your clinic.

5. In the “Preferred Date” field, click to access a drop down calendar. If a date is green and you are able to click on it, your provider has availability that day. If the date is grayed out and you cannot click on it, please select a different date. Click “Search” when all the fields are completed.

6. On the next screen, you will see a list of appointment slots corresponding with the date you selected and other days in the vicinity. Select the time slot that works best for you.

7. Once you’ve selected your time slot, the next page will allow you to review the details of your appointment and enter any notes you would like your provider to know about the reason for your visit. The “Notes” field is optional. When you are done, click “Submit.”

8. The final page is your confirmation, which includes the details of your appointment. If you exit before reaching this page, your appointment is not confirmed.