Differences Between Preventive Care for Men & Women

Think of preventive health care as an investment. Put in the time now, and it’ll pay dividends later in a longer lifespan, better quality of life and less retirement savings spent on medical expenses.

Research shows preventive health screenings and primary care consultations significantly extend our life expectancy, especially among 30- to 49-year-olds. Routine cardiovascular exams alone save tens of thousands of lives each year.

Yet many Americans neglect them—especially men. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention men are half as likely as women to see a doctor for preventive health care, despite the fact that they experience higher mortality rates overall as well as from specific diseases.


Men’s preventive care

Portland men who want to invest in their long-term health will find a supportive ally in Northwest Primary Care. We believe prevention is the best treatment and provide whole-patient care designed to keep our patients as healthy as possible.

Even when you’re outwardly healthy and fit, scheduled exams help us catch problems early so we can ensure you stay that way. They also give us a more complete and accurate picture of your overall health so you can make informed decisions about your care. Our men’s preventive care program includes:

  • Wellness exams
  • Preventive screenings
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses
  • Health promotion and maintenance
  • Health counseling
  • Patient education


mens and womens preventive care portlandWomen’s preventive care

Portland women often serve the primary role of keeping the whole family healthy. While they’re more likely than men to take advantage of preventive care, it’s easy for women to become so focused on taking care of others that they neglect themselves. So many of the health issues women face can be nipped in the bud when caught early enough.

Preventive care includes all of the screenings women need to ward off disease, such as pap and breast exams, but all too often women put off doing their routine mammogram. Schedule your mammogram today and work with our experts to coordinate holistic care for the entire family.

Staying healthy starts with preventive care. Consult one of our doctors to learn more about how Northwest Primary Care can help you invest in your long-term health.

Photos by Army Medicine and moodboard via CC license