Care Management

Facing certain health issues or diagnoses can require a shift in lifestyle or require regular monitoring and check-ups. Change can be difficult and overwhelming. At Northwest Primary Care, we have programs in place to help patients get connected to the resources they need to adapt to a “new normal.”


Care Coordination

Our Care Coordination team helps bridge the gap between a patient’s social, behavioral, or medical needs and appropriate resources–such as transitional housing services, caregiver resources, or applying for assistance programs. Our Care Coordinators are also trained in suicide prevention and can help guide patients in crisis through safety planning. Care Coordinators primarily work with patients who have complex medical diagnoses or social situations, but are able to provide information and resources for all patients. Each clinic location is assigned a designated Care Coordinator who is available for patients who need assistance. For more information, speak to your provider.

Care Connect

Care Connect is a program that helps you and your care team better keep your health on track between visits with your provider. Learn more about Care Connect with the FAQ section below. Still have questions? Call our Care Connect Dashboard Manager at (503) 607-2070.

The Care Connect program is for patients who have been diagnosed with certain chronic conditions that benefit from ongoing monitoring and follow-up.

After you register for Care Connect, you will receive either text messages or phone calls on a weekly basis asking about symptoms related to your diagnosed health condition. NWPC’s Care Connect Dashboard Manager, as well as your provider, closely monitor all submissions.

Yes! Our Care Connect team is closely monitoring and reviewing all responses. Your responses will also be sent to your provider for review. If you submit a response that indicates your symptoms are worsening, you will be contacted to facilitate next steps to get you feeling back to normal. We use your responses to ensure your health is remaining stable and there are no hidden concerns that could affect your health later down the road.

Good news! If you don’t hear from our Care Connect Dashboard Manager, it means that your responses are within normal range and your health is currently stable. We won’t reach out unless your responses change and are outside of normal thresholds. If your responses are borderline abnormal, our team will reach out periodically (every 1-3 months).

Nope! Just respond to the next message you receive from Care Connect. Remember that we use your responses to make sure your health is stable, so the more information you give us, the better!

Just give our Care Connect Dashboard Manager a call: (503) 607-2070.

If you have any questions or concerns about Care Connect, please call our Care Connect Dashboard Manager at (503) 607-2070.