How Does Telemedicine Benefit You?

The internet makes life easier in so many ways. Think of all the things you can do without ever leaving your house. You can shop, apply for a job, apply for a loan and rent a movie.

Now even the doctor is available online.

Telemedicine uses advanced videoconferencing and other technologies to allow patients to see their doctor and monitor their health (in some cases) remotely. When you seek help from a Portland telemedicine provider, the doctor can be “in the room” with you to evaluate and diagnose non-emergency problems.

It’s a growing phenomenon that’s poised to revolutionize the way we access health care services. More than half of all hospitals use some form of telemedicine and by 2018 more than 7 million patients are expected to take advantage of this technology. Telemedicine will make healthcare assessable to patients in rural areas that services may not otherwise reach.

What does telemedicine mean for you? Here’s a look at some of the benefits of working with a Portland telemedicine provider:

Today’s patients will have the convenience of consulting with a doctor via videoconference.  Nearly one-third of parents say they would prefer a video visit for minor issues like colds and sore throats rather than visiting the doctor’s office.

Achieve better health outcomes.

Patients who have their vital signs monitored remotely have a 45 percent lower mortality rate and are 60 percent less likely to be readmitted to the hospital.

Get specialty care in rural areas.

Patients who live in remote locations have to travel, on average, 60 miles to see a specialist. A video visit makes it easier in some cases to receive specialty care when needed. Many healthcare systems have adopted telemedicine specifically to better serve patients in rural areas.

As the field of telemedicine continues to grow, more patients will be able to reap the benefits of remote monitoring. To learn more about how telemedicine can benefit you, contact a Portland telemedicine provider.


Photo by Claus Rebler via CC License