How Does Telemedicine Benefit You?

Many healthcare organizations are starting to adopt telemedicine services to help patients remotely. The benefits of telemedicine, or e-care, is that it allows people to receive assistance from their physicians by letting them virtually visit their healthcare providers at home while potentially saving money on healthcare. This technology is also particularly useful for people with disabilities and those with limited or no transportation options. So, what does telemedicine mean for you? Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of online medical visits. 

How Does Telemedicine Work? 

Telemedicine uses advanced video conferencing, remote monitoring, and other advanced technologies to let patients see their doctors online. When you seek help from a Portland telemedicine provider, the doctor can be “in the room” with you to evaluate and diagnose non-emergency problems. 

Telemedicine has also become a growing phenomenon that’s revolutionized the way we access healthcare. In 2019, 76 percent of U.S. hospitals use some form of online care and more than seven million patients were estimated to have taken advantage of digital health services in 2018. Fifty-seven percent of parents also reported that they would consider using virtual care visits for minor issues like colds and sore throats rather than driving to a doctor’s office. At the same time, 40% of millennial patients also reported that having a telemedicine option is important for them to have. 

Telemedicine Improves Care Quality

Telemedicine allows patients to achieve better healthcare outcomes by giving them more access to their doctors when they need it. Hospital emergency rooms that used services like these to monitor their patients’ vital signs saw a decrease in mortality rates and length of stays within their organizations. Additionally, hospitals using virtual care services experienced 38 percent fewer admissions after their patients started making telemedicine appointments. 

Telemedicine Grants Greater Access to Healthcare 

In 2019, The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) expanded its telehealth system and digitally saw 900,000 veterans through online appointments that covered everything from mental-health visits to standard check-ups. Many healthcare providers also adopted telemedicine to make it easier for people living in rural communities, where access to basic health care is often inhibited due to transportation limitations or an inadequate number of available rural physicians. E-visits have since allowed people living in more remote areas the chance to see their doctors with more frequency when needed. 

Telemedicine Reduces Healthcare Costs 

Telemedicine can offer cheaper access to medical services for millions of Americans, including the elimination of transportation expenses, preventing unnecessary visits, and reduced copays.

“The net cost savings to the patient or payer per telemedicine visit of $19 to $121 represents a meaningful cost savings when compared with the $49 cost of an on-demand visit. The primary source of the generated savings is from avoidance of the emergency department, as this is by far the most expensive of the alternative care options provided,” reported Christopher Cheney at Health Leaders.

Many health insurance companies are also recognizing the value telemedicine services have for their customers, with virtual care coverage now serving tens of millions of patients across the country. 

Telemedicine Improves Doctor-Patient Relationships

Telemedicine transforms doctor-patient relationships by giving people more access to their physicians and immediate care at home. Physicians also saw an increase in patient communication due to the conveniences and flexibility received from online care. Eighty-three percent of patients felt that they received skilled care after having an online visit, while 78 percent agreed that they would use these services again. 

Telemedicine in Portland, Oregon 

As the field of telemedicine continues to grow, NWPC is exploring new ways for our patients to experience the benefits of remote monitoring and telemedicine. To learn more about how telemedicine can benefit you, contact us directly to discover more about Portland telemedicine providers.

Photo by Claus Rebler via CC License