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Keeping 2016 Health Insurance Premiums in Check

As more consumers become insured through programs like the Health Insurance Marketplace, we find more people who need help to navigate the healthcare system. It’s a good idea to learn the language.  For example, “covered” may not necessarily mean the procedure is “paid for” by your insurance. It may simply mean that may go against the deductible or against your “out of pocket max.” Always check with your insurance carrier, ask questions and have them interpret what they mean.

We’re in the midst of the annual open enrollment period for health insurance, which means it’s your opportunity to make any necessary changes to your coverage to reflect your healthcare needs. Whether you receive health care benefits from your employer or purchased your own health insurance on an exchange now is the time review your health care insurance plan and make some decisions about the coming year.

The following tips can help you effectively choose a plan that best suits your healthcare issues.


For Plans Purchased through an Exchange

During the open enrollment period, patients have the option to switch to a plan that will cover their current situation.

For patients with medical conditions that require frequent doctor visits or ongoing prescriptions, your premiums may not be the most important consideration. Instead, you may want to focus on finding a plan that offers lower co-pays, deductibles and out-of-pocket limits.


For Employer-Provided Health Plans

With the upcoming hike in insurance premiums, few consumers can afford to pass up the opportunity to make adjustments to their health plans. Regardless of what type of Portland health care insurance coverage you have, it’s important to do some research. By choosing the right plan, you can keep your premiums down while ensuring your medical needs are met throughout the coming year.


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