Northwest Research

Northwest Research Center
Northwest Primary Care welcomes to our family of clinics, Northwest Research Center formerly known as Allergy Associates Research Center.
Northwest Research Center’s involvement in clinical research is a critical step in developing safe, reliable, and effective pharmaceutical products. The professional, experienced staff works closely with pharmaceutical companies and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in this effort.

Their many years of involvement in clinical research emphasize education for patients involved in a clinical study. The interactive nature of research provides knowledge about conditions that may not normally be received and skills that help to manage symptoms for a better daily outcome.

Today’s studies focus on respiratory and allergy care that offer close, personalized education for patients on managing their asthma, allergies or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

Why volunteer?
Participating in medical research studies may provide:
• Access to new research treatments
• Non-routine diagnostic tests (Spirometry, Eye exams, Skin testing, Labs, ECG’s, X-Rays, Endoscopies & CT Scans) at no cost to patient
• Detection of abnormalities not routinely detected
• Patient education
• Maintenance therapy and rescue medications
• Reimbursement for time and travel

As a participant, patients play an active role in their own health care by gaining a strong understanding such as the use and operation of inhalers. Grateful for the education many patients often find an improved quality of life.
All visits and medications provided are free when you are accepted for a study. Patients without insurance or who have run out of prescription coverage find this benefit especially helpful. Research studies are open to adolescents and adults.

The current studies are limited to asthma, COPD, allergies, chronic cough, chronic sinusitis and chronic itching. Studies will be expanding in the near future to include other chronic conditions.
Patients who participate have a sense of pride knowing they are helping others. If you are interested in participating in current or future studies contact NW Research at 503.238.6322. Involvement as a Northwest Primary Care patient is not a requirement.