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We provide patient-centered primary care tailored to you and your health. From Family and Internal Medicine to specialty services, we support the full spectrum of your healthcare needs.


Primary Care

At NWPC, our primary care providers are either Family Medicine doctors or Internal Medicine doctors. While there is quite a bit of crossover between these two fields of practice, each takes a different approach to comprehensive primary care. Family Medicine doctors can treat patients across the full lifespan, offering prenatal care and obstetrics to geriatric care. Our Internal Medicine providers are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of disease in adults.

All of our primary care providers focus on preventive care and wellness. Your primary care provider helps you maintain your routine healthcare while keeping an eye out for potential issues down the road. Good preventive care reduces your risk for developing chronic diseases and helps keep your body healthy–and when health issues do arise, we are able to catch them early. Our providers are also experts in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and can provide referrals to specialists as necessary. Learn More


Immediate Care

Sometimes, healthcare needs pop up unexpectedly. When you have immediate care needs that are not life-threatening (like a fracture, controllable bleeding, or excessive pain), we can schedule you for a same-day visit. Our providers can provide the treatment you need in our clinic, or help you make a plan if more specialized care is needed. Since visits to urgent-care facilities and hospital emergency rooms can be expensive and require long wait times, we recommend giving us a call as a first step in non-emergency situations.


Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy team provides comprehensive physical therapy services with patient education and involvement in mind. Each of our therapists has extensive discussions with their patients about the treatment, outcome expectations, and specifically, the patient’s role outside of the clinic. The goal for our Physical Therapy team is for our patients to achieve maximum levels of functioning through the development of treatment programs that are uniquely tailored to their individual needs. Learn More


Sleep Health

If you suffer from a sleep disorder, you deserve the highest-quality evaluation and best treatment available. We are proud to provide this with Sleep Health services at Northwest Primary Care! Our Sleep Health Center’s reputation for excellence in treating sleep disorders is built on our accuracy and quality patient care–our staff can guide you through each step of the sleep study process. We are fully accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. AASM accreditation is the gold standard by which patients, organizations and companies evaluate sleep disorder centers. Learn More


Hearing Services

A comprehensive hearing evaluation can give an accurate picture of your ability to hear across the full spectrum of sound. When you make an appointment for Hearing Services at Northwest Primary Care, our Audiologist will guide you through a comprehensive hearing evaluation to get an accurate picture of your current hearing health. Depending on your needs, we can fit you for hearing aids and provide guidance in getting acclimated to them; or we can share tips on how to maintain your hearing for a lifetime! Our goal is to help you hear every moment. Learn More


Bridging The Gaps

Our commitment to patient-centered care doesn’t end in the exam room. Our Care Management team works to synchronize the delivery of patient care when multiple providers or healthcare systems are involved, like a hospital or long-term care facility.

Our Care Coordinators also address potential gaps in a patient’s social, behavioral, or medical needs and appropriate resources–such as connecting patients with transitional housing services, caregiver resources, or applying for assistance programs. We also launched a program called “Care Connect” that helps patients monitor the symptoms of chronic disease and keep their healthcare team informed of changes. Learn More

We Look Forward to Providing You With Quality Care