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Wound Care

At Northwest Primary Care, our first priority is keeping you healthy. Our bodies are remarkably good at healing when we get hurt, but sometimes they need a little help. As part of our whole-patient approach to care, our Dwyer clinic offers wound care from practitioners Melissa Thompson and David Maslen MD who are certified in the management of acute and chronic wounds.

Acute wounds can be things like scrapes, cuts and minor burns. A wound becomes chronic when it doesn’t heal like it should. Wounds can become chronic for a variety of reasons, such as leg ulcers associated with diabetes, poor circulation, or peripheral vascular disease; a condition that develops when the arteries that supply blood to the internal organs, arms and legs become blocked.

If wounds are not promptly and properly treated, they can become worse or get infected. If you have an acute wound or a non-healing wound or ulceration, small or large, make sure you contact us right away. Our experienced practitioners will be happy to assist you in getting the care you need to optimize your healing.