Your Home for Primary Care

At NWPC, our primary care providers are either Family Medicine doctors or Internal Medicine doctors. While there is quite a bit of crossover between these two fields of practice, each takes a different approach to comprehensive primary care. Family Medicine doctors can treat patients across the full lifespan, from prenatal care and obstetrics to geriatric care. Our Internal Medicine providers are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of disease in adults.


Family Medicine

At NWPC, we are committed to full-family care. Our providers know that your family members, dynamics, and history are all crucial elements of your life. When we are familiar with these factors, we can provide better care in the context of the whole family unit.

Our holistic approach to quality healthcare means your whole family is covered. Our providers understand that your health history is entwined with your family members, dynamics, and lifestyle. Our approach focuses on the continuity of care essential for your health.


Internal Medicine

Our internal medicine providers are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of disease in adults–but they are also your partner in disease prevention and wellness. Internal medicine providers help you maintain your routine healthcare while keeping an eye out for potential health issues down the road. If you need care from a specialist, our internal medicine providers can refer you to the service you need.

Our internal medicine providers enjoy developing relationships with their patients, and truly see themselves as your partner in healthcare.


Obstetrics & Lactation

At Northwest Primary Care, we know what a vital part of your life your reproductive health is. In order to meet all of your needs in this crucial area, we offer a wide range of reproductive health services for individuals and for couples. Our OB providers specialize in caring for people during preconception and through childbirth, making sure that patients expecting a baby are on track for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Our OB providers are also able to provide special guidance for breastfeeding, including latching and developing long-term breastfeeding goals. Our OB providers are Kristin Bendert, Alexis de Lucca, Alisha Saultz, and Anna Tubman.


Pediatric and Adolescent Care

Our pediatric care focuses on helping you teach your child about the importance of their health, developing healthy habits early in life, and getting them accustomed to regular preventative care. As our patients, you and your family will receive excellent care from our providers and gain the education and support you need to take an active role in your healthcare.

Adolescence is an important time in which children are beginning to transition from childhood to adulthood. With this in mind, our approach to adolescent care is focused on education for you and your child, as well as providing the age-specific medical care your child needs in this time of life. Our program also pays special attention to educating parents, as you play an essential supportive role in helping your child transition into caring for their own health.


Women's Care

At Northwest Primary Care, we believe in compassionate women’s healthcare. Our team of experienced providers has been delivering exceptional service to women at every stage of life for decades. Whether you are interested in disease prevention, ready to start planning for pregnancy (or pregnancy prevention), or looking to maintain your general health, our goal is to equip you with the tools to stay healthy and help you finds solutions if issues arise. We take a holistic approach to women’s healthcare with providers across multiple specialties. Our internal medicine providers can also see adolescent patients over the age of 15.


Men's Care

Our goal with men’s health is to encourage annual exams, preventative medicine, and health maintenance. Although it may seem unnecessary to see your doctor when you are not sick, annual exams are an important part of keeping you well and getting ahead of any potential medical problems that may occur. Our providers can tailor specific screening and diagnostic strategies for men at different stages of life.
Cardiovascular disease, cancer, and unintentional injury are some of the leading causes of death for men in the United States, and all of these conditions can be prevented or carry a lower risk if caught early and treated. Our internal medicine providers can also see adolescent patients over the age of 15.


LGBTQIA+ and Gender-Affirming Care

There are many aspects of life that affect our health in ways that are not always acknowledged. Sexual orientation and gender identity are two such facets that directly impact healthcare outcomes, especially for patients who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Research shows that while there are healthcare needs that all patients have in common, there are additional risk factors and barriers to care that can impact the health status of LGBTQIA+ patients. At Northwest Primary Care, we believe healthcare should be free of discrimination and we strive to provide a safe, affirming, confidential environment in which to discuss sexuality and gender. Our providers practice gender-affirming care with the goal of helping all of our patients to live in alignment with their gender identity.


Senior Care

We know that our senior patients face particular challenges related to their time of life. We offer a variety of special services to our senior patients in addition to regular medical care. Your team of dedicated providers will work with you to ensure that you get the best medical care, as well as the support you need to take an active role in your healthcare so that you can stay healthy and independent for many years to come.


Chronic Disease Management

With proper care and management, living with a chronic disease does not have to mean living with suffering. Your quality of life is very important to us, and we are committed to helping you manage your chronic conditions through regular monitoring and medication management, multiple-provider coordination, and proactive patient support.


Sports Medicine

We have several providers on staff with special training in sports medicine. These providers are skilled in helping restore function to active people and athletes after an injury or illness. All of our sports medicine providers are Family Medicine doctors, so they can work with children and teens as well as adults. They work alongside our Physical Therapists to provide comprehensive sports medicine services to patients at Northwest Primary Care. Our Sports Medicine providers are Jeff Dart and Barry Rhodes.

We Look Forward to Providing You With Quality Care