Patient Care

Adolescent Care

Adolescence is an important time in which children are beginning to transition from childhood to adulthood. With this in mind, our adolescent care philosophy is focused on education for you and your child, as well as providing the age-specific medical care your child needs in this time of life. Our program also pays special attention to educating parents, as you play an essential supportive role in helping your child transition into caring for their own health.

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We provide acupuncture as an alternative or complement treatment for relief of discomfort associated with a number of acute & chronic issues.

Diabetes Care

Our diabetes program is designed to assist you with self-management. In addition to care, it includes regular provider contact, annual checkups, & monthly educational classes.

Family Medicine

When our OB and Family doctors know your family members, dynamics, & history, we can provide better care for you and your child in the context of the whole family unit.

Internal Medicine

Our internal medicine specialists practice whole-patient care & provide our clientele with an array of preventative, diagnostic, & treatment services.

Minor Surgeries

We provide a variety of minor surgical procedures, such as skin biopsies, cryosurgery, & excision of skin cancers.

Nutrition Counseling

Our nutritional education program focuses on education about the importance of daily exercise & healthy eating habits for the health of the whole family.

Physical Exams

We provide regular physical exams, and sports physicals, Biometric Screenings, and Medicare Wellness exams.

Preventive Medicine

We offer a variety of preventive services, as well as continuing health education to help you take an active role in managing your health.

Travel Medicine Advice

We provide scheduled vaccinations & travel vaccinations in our clinics. Travel vaccinations must be completed 6 to 8 weeks before you depart and are usually not covered by insurance.