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Telehealth Virtual Visits

Introducing: Telehealth

Northwest Primary Care is pleased to offer virtual visits with our providers. A virtual visit means you can have an appointment with your practitioner over a secure video connection and avoid a trip to the clinic unless necessary. (You must be in the state of Oregon during your virtual visit). Not all health issues are right for a virtual visit, but if your visit qualifies, our scheduling team will give you the choice between an in-person and a virtual visit when you make your appointment.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we work to keep our patients, staff and community healthy.


What is a virtual visit?

A virtual visit lets you see and talk to one of our practitioners online from your phone, tablet or computer. NWPC uses Zoom which establishes a secure, real-time video connection with your provider. 

How do I schedule a virtual visit?

When you schedule an appointment with our Scheduling Team, you will be offered the choice between an in-person visit and a virtual visit if applicable to the reason for your appointment. Occasionally, a provider may specify that a patient should be seen in-clinic or virtually; but in general, the decision is up to you. If your provider has communicated a preference for your visit, our Scheduling team will let you know when you make your appointment.

What does it cost?

Virtual visits are billed to your insurance company. They are typically covered the same as your in office visit benefits. Please call your insurance company for your virtual visit benefit details.

What technology do I need?

You can use a smart phone, tablet, Mac, or PC with a microphone and camera.

Northwest Primary Care uses Zoom for video and audio during our virtual visits. You will need to install the free Zoom app on your phone or tablet. Before your visit, please test your device using these instructions for audio and video. Check that your camera and microphone are working properly. This video conference tool is equipped with end to end encryption to ensure the security of your visit. 

How do I log in to Zoom?

You will receive an email invitation with instructions for logging in to your appointment. If you have the Zoom app installed, you will only have to click the meeting link in the email to access your appointment. This email will be sent the day before your appointment after 5:00 P.M. 

If you do not receive an email, please call (503) 659-4988. 

How do I check in for my visit?

20 minutes prior to your appointment time, you will receive a phone call from your practitioner’s front desk staff to check you in for your appointment. 

What do I do if I have technical problems?

Our helpdesk is available from Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. to assist you at 503.353.1250.

Why are you offering virtual visits now?

As part of the COVID-19 crisis response, the federal government recently removed certain barriers to telehealth. Now, patients can access a range of medical practitioners remotely using a phone or computer instead of having to visit a practitioner in person.

What should I do in to get ready a few days before my appointment?

Follow the technology set up instructions below:

Call our help desk if you have any issues at 503.353.1250, Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

If possible, have a back-up phone, tablet or computer in case you have technical issues. Find a quiet, private place to have your visit. If you are using a phone or tablet for your visit, figure out a location to place it so it can be steady and the practitioner can see you clearly.