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Workers’ Compensation

Northwest Primary Care provides examinations and treatment associated with workers’ compensation claims for those patients who have medical insurance we accept. For more information regarding these services, or to schedule an appointment with one of our authorized providers, please contact us at 503.659.4988.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is insurance paid for by employers that provides monetary benefits and/or medical care for workers who are injured or become ill as a direct result of their job.

What to do if you are injured at work

Getting Medical Care

Go to your regular health care provider, an urgent-care clinic, or a hospital emergency room, depending on the extent of your injury. Tell your health care provider that you were injured on the job so that they can take appropriate action to help you.

Filing a claim through your employer

Notify your employer of your injury immediately. If you want to file a workers’ compensation claim, ask your employer for an Oregon Form 801: Workers’ and Employer’s Report of Occupational Injury or Disease/Illness.

Filing a claim through your care provider

If you see your care provider after being injured, tell them you were hurt on the job. You and your provider should complete Oregon Form 827: Workers’ and Physician’s Report for Workers’ Compensation Claims. Your health care provider is in charge of your medical treatment. Only your care provider can authorize time off work or reduced work hours or duties, or release you to go back to work.

Independent and Worker Requested Medical Examinations

The workers’ compensation insurer may require you to attend Independent Medical Examinations with doctors it chooses, and benefits may be stopped if you fail to attend. The workers’ compensation insurer pays all costs for these examinations. If your claim is denied by the insurer based on an independent medical examination (IME), and your care provider disagrees with the IME results, you may be eligible to request a medical examination by a physician chosen by the Workers’ Compensation Division.

When your claim is accepted

If your workers’ compensation claim is accepted, the insurer will pay for all injury-related medical treatment and prescription medications. This may not include elective (non-emergency) surgery, so check with the insurer before scheduling such a treatment. Make sure you attend all your medical appointments and talk to your care provider immediately if there is any change in your condition.

Questions Regarding Workers’ Compensation

For more information regarding workers’ compensation claims, please visit the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division website at, or call our office at 503.659.4988, and we will be happy to help you find the information you need.