Visiting a doctor is safe during the pandemic.

Can You Visit Your Doctor Safely During the Pandemic?

We want you to know that we’re taking every precaution necessary to keep our patients safe when visiting one of our clinics in-person. However, we know managing the Coronavirus has surfaced plenty of questions about the viability or safety of getting in-person care, which leaves some asking, “Can I visit the doctor safely during the Coronavirus?” In Oregon and at NWPC, the answer is yes – you’re safe to visit your doctor personally. 

If you need medical treatment or wish to schedule a regular health exam, we want to make sure you have your questions answered around patient safety before your next visit. So, here’s how NWPC is making your doctor’s appointments safer and more secure during the Coronavirus.  

How NWPC is keeping you safe

Your health is our number one priority. At each of our locations, we continue to take extra precautions and follow state and federal protocols to keep everyone safe in our clinics. We’re continuing to monitor the situation closely and making any adjustments we need to as things develop. These measures include:

  • We screen anyone entering our clinics, which includes temperature checks and inquiries around symptoms, visitors, vendors, staff, and providers daily
  • Updating the screening protocols in our electronic health records to flag patients with possible COVID-19 
  • Requiring a face mask covering the nose and mouth for everyone who enters our facilities, per the CDC guidelines
  • If you do not have a face mask upon arrival at a clinic, one will be provided to you
  • Implementing physical distancing measures in our waiting areas, hallways and patient care areas 
  • You may also be asked to wait in your vehicle, if available, for an in-person appointment 
  • Maintaining an adequate inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE) for our providers and staff 
  • Conducting extra cleaning and isolation protocols

We’ve also limited the number of guests in our clinics to keep our community safer. This means one family member or caregiver may accompany patients needing additional assistance and pediatric patients during their appointment. The person accompanying the patient must be over 16, be in good health, and must wear a mask while inside the clinic. This is simply an additional safety measure used to make our healthcare setting safer as we manage the Coronavirus together. Call us at (503) 659-4888 if you need additional help during your appointment. 

How should I prepare for an in-person appointment?

You can make an in-person appointment by calling us directly at (503) 659-4888. We’ll provide you with information on what to expect during your appointment by asking health-related questions and more ahead of time. We ask that you come alone if possible, wear a mask, follow CDC social distancing guidelines, exercise punctuality and wash your hands before leaving home. You should also bring the following items with you: 

  • Your current insurance card (if applicable)
  • Valid photo identification
  • Any co-pays required by your insurance (to be collected at check-in)
  • Any pre-appointment deposit required by NWPC (if applicable)
  • A list of any medications you are currently taking (including prescription and over-the-counter medications, and herbal supplements)
  • Wear a face mask upon entering our clinic 

Are there alternatives to in-person care?

NWPC now offers Telehealth visits if you wish to receive care at home and are a perfect alternative for in-person care if you’re a higher-risk individual. 

We designed this service to allow you to easily connect with your practitioner over video or audio calls through smart devices like a tablet, smartphone, or a computer at your convenience. However, we know that not all medical care can be supported through a virtual visit, so our practitioners will work with you to let you know if a Telehealth appointment fits your needs.

Our Telehealth patients are also giving us overwhelmingly positive feedback. One patient told us, “My Telehealth visit could not have gone better. It was quick, easy, and I was relieved to have spoken face to face with my doctor.”

What type of in-person care are you offering?

Our doctors and physicians are now taking in-person appointments for acute or chronic care, preventable conditions, illnesses, injuries and other ailments. You can also schedule an appointment for an annual physical, lab tests, health screenings, and other preventive check-ups that are essential to your well-being. In general, we’re offering personalized visits for almost every kind of visit we did before the pandemic. 

If you’re experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19, we encourage you to stay at home to recover and use our Telehealth services in place of making an in-person appointment. 

Schedule an in-person or virtual visit with NWPC today! 

We know the pandemic is making it challenging to get the care you need. So, we want to support your well-being by offering the option of scheduling a safe in-person clinical visit or a virtual visit that lets you see your physician at your convenience. You can learn more about our Telehealth visits here, or you can make a personal appointment by calling (503) 659-4888. We look forward to seeing you online or in-person!

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