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Why Family Medicine is Right for Your Child

\As a parent, you want to ensure that your child receives the best medical care, from routine health check-ups to immunizations and illness diagnosis and treatment. New parents often wonder if a pediatrician is the best solution for their little one or if choosing their family physician is an option. While some people assume pediatric clinics are the only options for child wellness, family practitioners also provide expert child care. In fact, they perform similar work as pediatricians and, in some cases, can be more beneficial for you and your child.

Family Practice vs. Private Pediatrics 

What are the differences between family medicine and pediatric care? First of all, both professions are accomplished in the field of medicine, but with different areas of focus. Pediatricians are dedicated to children and childhood health needs. As a result, they are great options for parents looking for care focused exclusively on early childhood development. Family doctors, on the other hand, specialize in patients of all ages, including kids. What makes these physicians an ideal choice for many families is their breadth of knowledge both in the field and with specific family needs as they provide care to their patients from birth to adulthood.

Family doctors specialize in patients of all ages, including kids.

Why a Family Doctor Could Be Ideal for Your Child’s Wellness

Whether you choose a pediatrician or family doctor, rest assured either is skilled and dedicated to your child’s health. However, there could be some significant advantages for some young patients who visit a family doctor. Some of the myriad benefits are outlined below.

You Currently Have A Trusted Physician

If you already have an excellent primary care doctor specializing in family medicine, it can be a rewarding experience to ask them to also care for your child. Your physician will already be familiar with you and your family, so the transition will be seamless. Plus, it will alleviate the painstaking task of searching for the perfect child specialist because you already have one at your fingertips!

Family Physicians Can Treat Your Entire Household

One of the main benefits of having a family practitioner as your child’s medical specialist is the ease of care. A single doctor is able to not only treat your child’s medical needs, but he or she can also work with your whole family. This can cut down on trips to multiple clinics for trusted health care. Furthermore, if you and your child are sick at the same time, both of you can visit your Portland medical office together and get a diagnosis and treatment simultaneously.

Family Practitioners Understand Your Medical History

A patient’s family medical history is crucial to providing well-rounded care. When a physician has access to a patient’s complete medical background, she or he can approach wellness holistically. Family medical history assists your provider in noticing overall patterns, looking for early signs of illness, and developing a healthcare program to prevent potential diseases. Choosing to work with your established family practitioner means that your child’s physician already has access to the family history. This can go a long way to mitigating health challenges down the road. Plus, a family practice professional can continue to treat your little one well into adulthood, making for a more effective health care approach.

Find Your Primary Care Doctor at NWPC

Choosing your child’s doctor is an important decision. Whether you are an existing client or you are looking to establish a family doctor for your entire family, at NWPC, we can take care of all your health needs. From newborn wellness checks to adolescent care, school immunizations, and more! Contact us today to make an appointment at one of our Portland, Oregon clinics or schedule a virtual visit.