Our primary goal is to provide exceptional care for you and your family. Over the past few years, we have seen a rapidly growing need for patient care in our region. We have worked to grow our offerings in accordance with the needs we have identified as most pressing. Read on for all of the updates from our team!


NWPC West Linn: Now Open!

Our West Linn clinic is now open and accepting new patients!

The West Linn, Oregon City, and Clackamas communities are some of the fastest-growing in the state of Oregon. Our West Linn clinic will bolster our existing clinics in the communities we serve and provide our team with the opportunity to support the growing demand for primary care in our region. We believe Northwest Primary Care is well-equipped to meet the needs of both our current patients and prospective patients in these communities. NWPC providers Jeff Dart and Betty Shih are currently practicing at the West Linn clinic.


Introducing: Integrated Care

We launched Integrated Care, a new service within NWPC, in April 2023.

Integrated Care will allow us to provide health maintenence support for our patients. Services such as mammograms, bone density screenings, audiology, nutrition, health education, chronic disease management, and more will be provided at one location so patients can get some (or all!) of these services in a single visit. 

Dwyer Clinic Closure

The Dwyer Clinic is now closed to primary care appointments.

We have determined that consolidating our Dwyer clinic with our Milwaukie clinic is the best path forward for serving our patients in Milwaukie.  David Maslen, Melissa Thompson, and Yufei Zhang will be relocating their practice to our Milwaukie clinic (only half a mile down the road from Dwyer on Monroe Street!). The Dwyer building may remain open for support services for a time moving forward, but primary care patient appointments will have fully transitioned to our other clinics.